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Friday, May 09, 2008


Here we are. A drawing of someone named Charlie. I have no idea who Charlie is.

I painted Charlie's jacket with a brown sort of color on Multiply then turned the opacity down about 50%

I filled the piece with a layer of a reddish Soft Light again, at about 50%

Charlie's skin tone goes in. Multiply on 70 %. I did more opacity changing with this one, more because I wanted to give the pencil a change to work.

I gave the skin a little life with Soft Light.

I cleaned up the pencil work just a touch with a layer of Screen.

I was liking the way it looked so I pushed the pencil on the face back just a touch with a layer of Lighten around 50 %

I strengthened the hair and eyes a little with a layer of Multiply.

The pencil on the face felt a little too strong still, so I pushed it back with skin tone on a layer of Normal, low opacity.

A little blue rim light with Screen.

And for the kill. A final layer of Soft Light at %100 to warm it all up.


I did this drawing a while ago at work during a down time. I painted it a couple days later just for fun. No big reason. If you are interested in the reference I used for old Charlie here, you check see it here.


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