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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

mr. goblin fellow; a short demo


A drawing with some watercolor on top of it.

A layer of Multiply to fill out the hazardously applied watercolor.

Some Screen for highlights...

Some Soft Light to warm things up a touch.

I knocked out the face just a little with a layer of Screen...

A layer of Color to deaden the face and pull back on the warmness.

Some darkening with Multiply...

Subtle line around the figure with Screen.

Screen highlights on the jacket...

Warming it up again with Soft Light.


Thursday, August 23, 2007


The New, Improved-- PORTLAND STUDIOS STORE! Who would like a t-shirt? I know I the heck would. Finally.

Below are three even bigger pictures than on the real site of my currently available designs:

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chapter 2: The Scavenger

Here's an example of taking a thumbnail to finish.

This particular example is from Jack & Inar, written and illustrated by your very own humble The Photoshop Experiment proprietor, set for publication in early 2008. Check back for updates.

never you mind this. ^

Anyway, on to the demo:


the thumbnail.

Here's the finished drawing. The video below documents the process.

And here's the trick, watercolor painting on top of the drawing.


Turning it all to B/W.

Adding some more shadows.


Notice the addition of light with a fine layer of Screen.


I used a later of Lighten and turned down the opacity some to push this running guy into the back some more.

Finally, a layer of Soft Light, low opacity to achieve the sepia look the book possesses.